Telecom Services

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Telecom Services

Telecoms servicestelecom services

  • Numbering - we have a complete suite of UK geographic and non-geographic numbers
  • Call termination - we offer competitive, high quality call termination through our relationships with other carriers
  • Number hosting - we host numbers for other telcos who do not wish to invest in their own infrastructure
  • Telecommunications Case Studies
  • IVR - we have 960 lines of IVR available for everything from radio competitions to conference calling.

Data communication

With radio, people know where they stand - instantly. Unlike GSM mobile networks, where text messages are stored and forwarded at a later date, messages arrive the moment they are sent. Sending the message is also much easier with our unique Status Message service. Other data services also available here.

Expanding your network

Our Industry Net facility enables workers to make unlimited free 'press-to-talk' calls to other users in other companies anywhere in the UK. Users can also make mobile phone calls from their multi-functional radio handsets - but only if you want them to. We can also integrate with your PABX network. For a graphic illustration of the full posssbilities, click here.

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Value added services

Installation services offered range from simple moves and changes, through to complete system supply and implementation. Whilst we are a Midlands based company, we are able to provide an installation service for most parts of England and Wales.

Maintenance services can be provided for a wide range of telephone systems either a "Pay as you go" basis, or contractually. Four levels of Contractual Maintenance Services are offered. For further details about installation and maintenance, please contact us.